Friday, March 7, 2014

Don't forget to POOP!

That's right!  We've got another round of POOP (Play Online with Other Professors) going on now. 

Contemplative Cynic wanted to know our ideas for new ways to select students.  Consider it an audition for college.  Go read it and answer in the comments there.  (POOP over there, not here.) 

Now's your chance to add your entry.  Sunday morning, I'll collect all the entries and you can vote for the winner (I suppose some of you will vote for the loser also but let's not think about that).  I will list every entry in a poll.  You get to Choose Random Answers from a Poll (CRAP).  Get it - when you POOP, you get CRAP. 

Remember that this is our second game of POOP.  In the first episode, you suggested winter Olympics sports for our students.  The competition was fierce but Nancy from Niles received the most votes for Grade Curling.  She was the top POOPer based on your CRAP.

Do you have what it takes to knock her off the throne?


  1. Do you really want to knock the top POOPer off her throne?

    Better light a match.

  2. OK, I POOPed. And I left something on that other discussion, too.

    In other news, I hope to steal some time to finish up another actual post. It's been a hellish past two weeks.