Monday, March 17, 2014

College collapses on itself

An unused nursing building of a college that is no longer open implodes in a controlled demolition.

We don't usually do links on Monday but this different.  It's like a metaphor for higher education.

Wait.  Like a metaphor?  Does that make it a simile?  A simile of a metaphor?  Things like this are so much easier after coffee.

Good morning.


  1. Perfect! It works for me, but I would add that it also represents society. I don't think education is crumbling alone.

  2. I agree with Cynic, and also think that the utility of the metaphor might be somewhat undermined by one word -- "controlled." It seems to me that our situation more resembles one in which the owners-occupants of the penthouse are enthusiastically directing others to saw away at load-bearing components in the basement in an attempt at cosmetic renovation that they insist will "add value" (updated! cutting-edge! 21st-century!) while studiously ignoring just how shaky the structure is becoming (it's "flexible," not collapsing!).

    1. Yes! And those directing us to saw away at the load-bearing walls are housed in another building altogether!