Monday, March 17, 2014

Audition for college - We have a winner(s)

Thank you all for Choosing Random Answers in a Poll.  We got a lot of responses, making a big pile of CRAP. 

Two responses earned the most votes.

"Please explain in your own words why grades are earned, not given." by EC1

"Students will read aloud a moderately difficult passage. Those who can do so with the proper inflection, and then answer questions about what they have read, will be admitted. Those who look up a word they don't know will be admitted to graduate school." by Professor Chiltepin

We have a tie!

I hate ties.  They are like screwing your own sister: not necessarily bad but nothing you want to brag about.

Both are worthy entries for recognition as the best POOPer.  However, Professor Chiltepin deviated from the 25-words-or-less rule.  While not a serious offense, it move EC1's entry a slight edge.

Congratulations to EC1, our new big POOPer!  Thank you all for POOPing and I hope we can play the POOP game again soon.


  1. I was robbed! I hate the background! I hate the font! Twitter feed has to go! Too many links! Not enough videos! Too many posts! Why are you censoring me! Grumpy farts! AAAHHHHHH.

  2. Congrats, to BOTH winners. :) That was fun. Let's POOP again soon.

    1. Heh. I think we need more FIBER (Fun In Blogging by Eliciting Responses).

    2. We could move to the TOILET (Tweets Of Intelligence, Learning, Erudition & Tact).