Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yes, it's true! There's an FAQ just for you.

Readers have asked me how they can comment or post on this page.  I wrote a set of Frequently Asked Questions about that and a few other things.  The link to the FAQ page is on the sidebar above the envelope and is here.  If you think there's some stuff I need to add, put it in the comments section here or email me.

Thousands of people view AWC but not many comment and even fewer send me something to post.  That's OK but this place would be even better if you got involved.  Why participate vicariously when you can share your frustrations with us?  The FAQ page addresses some questions you might have about that.


By the way, some of you might have been away for the weekend.  That's fine.  The rest of us were here, busy as usual.  Before you ask, YES, YOU DID MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT!  In particular, there was a full assortment of posts, including a very serious Sunday Thirsty, Saturday's links, posts by Academaniac, Dr. Amelia and Ogre Proctor Hep and, right below this post, some Google-inspired questions for you to answer.  Thankfully, we do allow you to make up your missed work.

Yes, you may borrow my stapler.

As always I am,
Your ever helpful moderator,

Beaker Ben


  1. The FAQ page was great. I studied each question and answer intently. When is the test?

    1. Wait, there's gonna be a test on this? Where's the study guide?

    2. I can't open the FAQ page, so I cannot study for the test. Can you please send it to me in a separate e-mail? As a.txt doc?

    3. I left the answers at home. Can I have an extension?

    4. Someone stapled my dick to the floor and I cannot move. Plus, I don't have a dick, so I'm equally perplexed by how this happened.

    5. I was really busy last week and missed the FAQ and the test. Can I take it this week?

  2. I get time and a half for all tests, and I have to have a distraction-free test environment. I'm also allowed to listen to my iPod because it helps me relax. And I have an allergy to staples, so I'll need my exam paper printed out on a scroll.

  3. Ohhh...another gmail account (and I have proved that I am not a robot.