Thursday, February 20, 2014

What are you reading?

Quick request:  I'd like to add a list of good academic blogs to the sidebar.  Tell me what other blogs you read, or better yet, let me know if you write for another blog (excluding RYS and CM, which are already there).  Give it to me in the comments.

We'll call it "supplemental reading" or some such hilarious reference to our students' assigned texts.




  1. I take a daily look at "Confessions of a Community College Dean" at

  2. I regularly read "Leiter Reports" (, "The Philosopher's Mail" (, and "Feminist Philosophers" ( Sensing a theme? These may not be of general enough interest, admittedly.

  3. I take a look at "100 Reasons NOT to Go to Grad School" ( and "PHD Comics" ( because they accurately describe much of what happened to me as a grad student. Thanks to an earlier posting on this site, I've started going through "Confessions of a College Professor" (

  4. I read a number of blogs, many of them fairly specific to my particular academic interests. For more general interest, I'd recommend Margaret Soltan's "University Diaries" (, which provides a pretty steady diet of links to various sorts of academic skullduggery (especially but not exclusively in the athletics department), enlivened by periodic close readings of poetry.

    1. Also, Jonathan Rees ( ) eviscerates MOOCs and other questionable academic trends and is currently chronicling the effects of bad management and attendant cost-cutting at his institution, and Historiann ( ) writes about a variety of matters academic and feminist. The tenured radical is also worth a read, even if her blog is living at the crampicle these days ( ). Finally, there's Rebecca Schuman, who, having decided to quit academia, is beginning a new career as an academic journalist/muckracker by setting off virtual bottle rockets in various directions, via Slate and on her blog, . She's deliberately provocative, and more than occasionally downright outrageous, but/and she also speaks considerable truth.

      Obviously, I don't agree with all of these people all of the time (in fact, it would be impossible to do so, since they are sometimes at each others' throats). But all of them have a knack for spotting interesting topics, debates, issues, etc. that speak to broader issues in academia.

      On the science end of things, there's DNLee ( ) and Isis ( ). And on the social science end, Tressie McMillan Cottom ( ). Oh, and Mike the Mad Biologist is pretty entertaining, and does good links ( ), and Nicole and Maggie cover a variety of topics, academic, economic, and otherwise ( ).

      Okay, I'll stop now, with the note that there are many other worthy blogs out there.

  5. I like to stop by Female Science Professor (FSP) every once in a while. ( Also, Academomia is mostly about her kids but I am in utter awe of how she juggles four small children, research and teaching. (ttp://