Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today on Professor Facepalm: No-Snow Days

My institution has cancelled class. For the third time this semester.

And there is no snow.

There is supposed to be snow. Later. Maybe. It might be lots. But it might not. No one really knows.

The students are elated.

Me? I'm going to have to cut down the amount of time spent on the Middle Ages to "mentioning they happened." Golden Age of Greece straight into the Renaissance, baby.


  1. Can we trade? Because mine refused to cancel classes and I'm pretty sure the roads are now made entirely of snow with a thin layer of ice on top. And the snow is so heavy I might have to call Rudolf to guide me home if this keeps up. Or at least Yukon Cornelius.

  2. I wonder if the twitterfeeds are lighting up about how terrible of a decision that was!

  3. My institution decided to hold morning classes, then send everyone home once the roads had become impassable.

    1. ...thus generating revenue for the student center food court by trapping everyone at school! Genius! Or... something.

  4. My place cancelled classes late Friday afternoon--after almost all classes (except for a very few graduate classes) had already taken place, and after almost all of the faculty and students (and a lot of the staff as well) had already cleared out. And this was for weather that had already happened, had already closed all the local k-12 schools, and had already led to major pile-ups on local highways.