Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic games for students

What do you get when you Play Online with Other Professors (POOP)?

You get to Choose Random Answers from a Poll (CRAP).  Get it - when you POOP, you get CRAP.

Here is the list, the long, long, long list of answers you gave.  I could have cut out the ones I didn't like but that's like choosing my favorite children.  Sure, that's easy to do but then I get fewer ties for Father's Day.

OK, make your selections.  Choose as many answers as you like.  Vote as often as you like.  This thing took a couple of hours to put together so I'm pretty fucking tired of it by now.


  1. Replies
    1. You can vote as many times as you like...

    2. I guess I should rephrase. "We can only vote once!?"/sarcasm. ;-)

    3. Now you're making me homesick! (Chicagoan)

  2. i feel that the results do not reflect the true value of my contribtions, they should have more then they got. they have been crammed in to the same poll as the others and that is distracting the voters. u should put mine into they're own category buy themselves so that ppl can compare them fiarly against each other thats what all my other teacher's do.

    1. I no, their violating my identity to! Hey Ogre, lets get togethr and tell teh dean about this. Is not fair!