Sunday, February 23, 2014

Office hours posted

The Professor, original founder of Rate Your Students, will be hosting virtual office hours on Monday, 10 am Eastern at Proffie Chat.  Set a good example for your students by attending.

Mind the rug.

If clicking over to another website isn't "webby" enough for you, you can attend The Professor's virtual office hours from the comfort of Academic Water cooler.  It's like distance virtual office hours.  Mind=Blown. 


  1. Since this is the INTERNATIONAL Academic Water Cooler Blog (InAcWaCoB), please note time zones. The Professor writes 10 am Eastern Time. That should be 15.00 UTC (or Greenwich Mean Time for the more elderly of us). Watch out for Summer Time Change.

    1. Hi Suzy! Thanks for noting that. It's fixed now.

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