Monday, February 10, 2014

If only Vera from Van Wert could forget about this student the way he forgot about his assignment

I just got this little gem, sent at 1 am on Saturday. No salutation, naturally.

Did I submit that paper? Because I opened the one I started, and I didn't remember finishing it, or turning it in.
Did Bob turn in the paper that was due more than a week ago? I don't know! The papers remain on my office floor, precisely where I dropped them at 3:06pm last Wednesday after class. They are now buried under 6-8 inches of other work.

It seems that Bob doesn't remember finishing his paper. But presumably, when he last opened the file, it was complete! Maybe he was hacked by elves.

I'll go ahead and add Bob's to-do list to my own to-do list. Apparently I am in charge of everything.


  1. "Hmmm ... " (Glances around the living room, only to see a neat and tidy space with no student papers anywhere in sight.)

    "No, I don't see it. That's too bad, because I don't accept late work. Better luck next time."


  2. I'd be more than half-tempted to send that one through the "student in trouble" reporting system, on the theory that Bob might be suffering from some sort of brain problem (alcoholic blackouts? fallout of a brain injury? something else?) that deserves attention, and that, if not, the level of concern shown might just persuade him not to try outsourcing his adult responsibilities quite so completely again. The downside to this strategy is that if he isn't in fact in actual trouble, it would waste the time of people who have plenty of actual students in trouble to help.

  3. Wow, so they didn't remember if they printed it out and brought it to class? I understand when students aren't sure that our LMS actually processed their essay through the system (despite it sending them a receipt when they do upload something), but completely forgetting something like printing out a paper? I usually get these kinds of inquiries when students know they haven't submitted something and are trying to wheedle for an extension by claiming they had it done but just forgot to turn it in.