Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good luck!

I wanted to step in just once to say good luck to you all on the new blog. I wish you nothing but the very best.

Some mail to me over the past days suggest that I should have handled the end of CM better, and no doubt you're all right. I just can say that I did what I could - and in consultation with others - what I thought was best.

It pleased me, and did not surprise me, that Ben so graciously committed to making a home for you. I still believe in the idea, and I hope that you, too, will have happy and "miserable" years getting to the root of our problems - for they continue for me, too, darlings.

Finally, my devil spawn child will marry this Saturday, in a gigantic (bank-breaker) ceremony that I am 94% sure to attend, and 100% sure to be drunk at. A new chapter for me personally to go along with yours.

Colleagues, friends, pals, etc.

Leslie K


  1. Thank you. Leslie -- for the good wishes, and for dealing with all the crap (especially the misogynist crap) for as long as you did. I, for one, have absolutely no complaints about how you handled anything, and think you deserve thanks, applause, and a long vacation. But I can't pay for that, so wishing you joy at your daughter's wedding will have to do. Have fun; get drunk; relax (and try not to think too much about the bills). The RYS/CM phoenix has arisen from the ashes, thanks to Ben, and we're all still rolling the boulder up the hill.

  2. I don't think you have anything to apologize for. Thanks for keeping the sandbox clean for as long as you did.

    Will you come around and post now and then? I've always liked your "voice"--

  3. Holy ****. You really got RGDM after the Teapartying blog was closed?

    I want to go big-brother and mandate mental health care for people using the WWW for **** like that.

  4. Thank you for not shoveling the shit that we flung your way back at us. You are one class act to follow!

  5. I second Burnt Chrome in hoping you'll come around once in a while, Les! I want to hear what you think about things and how you are doing!!

    And also, yes, I second, third, fourth and fifth thanking you for all the time and effort you put into the cause!

  6. Wow! Full-time job, marrying off a child this weekend and all that entails AND running this place?! You did an excellent job and I thank you.

  7. Leslie, thank you (with much love) and congratulations. Unfortunately, even with their parents' example to follow, children steadfastly refuse to elope to someplace cheap like Reno or Rapid City. Ah well...

    We hope to hear from you after the big shindig is over.

  8. The RGDM sometimes put me in mind of Kathy Sierra....who, incidentally, closed her (excellent) blog in about 2007 due to harassment from trumpwits.

    Thank you for everything you did, LK, and have a wonderful day on Saturday!

  9. You are a goddamned saint.

    If that's not a contradiction in terms.

  10. Leslie, have a great weekend. I have nothing but respect for you and all other moderators (even & including lBB) dealing with an excessively annoyable public. I fear I would be far more rude on such a role.

  11. Oh - nice move Wombat - don't bother to congratulate the mother of the bride or anything. This is why science people rarely do well in politics. Sorry.

    Congratulations! Have a great time watching your devil spawn child get married.

  12. Thanks for everything you did, Leslie! You handled the closing of CM with class. Best wishes to you--and add me to the list of folks who hope you'll post here.

    Have a blast at the wedding! Drink and dance with abandon, and give the rest something to talk about! Big hugs!

  13. We all owe you so much, Leslie... Make your devil spawn's wedding one for the ages (big congrats!), and we'd appreciate the occasional peek in on Ben's new project from time to time. Be well!

  14. I have nothing but admiration for your fortitude in looking after the blog and putting up with amazingly dreadful e-mails. Thanks for all you did for CM and may you have a blast at your child's wedding!

  15. Congratulations and thanks, Leslie.

    As to "why" to end CM, I'd say that the worth of an opinion is proportional to what its holder knew about all the stuff behind the scenes, i.e., probably very little (definitely very little in my case). That leaves "how" to end CM, which I see as analogous to closing a favorite neighborhood bar. The announcement is made, a nearby place we might like is mentioned, and we get some time to say our goodbyes before the door closes for good. How could it be better?

    1. Mmm, errr, I'm not sure that came out right. The worth of ANOTHER's opinion is proportional to what its holder knew. . . i.e. yours was the the only one that really mattered, along with those of a few others who had more complete knowledge than most of us did.