Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Funnies - UPDATED

Update: see below

Good morning,

I know you come here for the misery and the venting and the smackdown.  So do I.  But that doesn't mean that it can't be funny too.  Here are a a few stories and websites that are amusing.  They would be hilarious if they weren't so damn accurate.

I couldn't stop scrolling through this list of freshman memes.  Whoever writes these needs to start sending me some material to post.  That site has some memes about professors but they aren't as funny, though occasionally true.

We just had a Thirsty about academic publishing.  Here's a story about J. K. Rowling trying to publish Harry Potter in an academic journal.

I know that the Onion often has funny stories about college but I had not read The Cronk, which is dedicated to our world.

Do you know of other funny sites or stories?  Link them in the comments and I'll post them here.  If there are enough sites like The Cronk, I'll start a list of them in the sidebar.

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UPDATE:  Here are some other links worth a few laughs.

Quarter Wave Vertical suggests PhD Comics, which I should have included in the original post.  Has anybody seen the movie they made?  The previews look depressing authentic.

Dr. Lemurpants likes the Lazy College Senior meme.  I can relate to those.

Sawyer in Student Services likes The Academic Advising Burn Book.  Staff feel that way too?!  I guess everybody who deals with students ends up hating them.

Any more sites?  Send them to me

If somebody wants to make some memes, this is a good place to start.  Send them in.


  1. I love the freshman meme page. A lot of them describe me when I was a freshman.

  2. Eek! that picture! I didn't know Henry Kissinger (that is Henry Kissinger, isn't it, in the front?) could do that.

    1. I don't know where the picture came from. It's used for the "laughing professor meme."

    2. Appears to be a bunch of Republican bigwigs, c. 1980-something. I suppose Kissinger is the titular professor.

      And yes, the college freshman memes are pretty good.

  3. I still find this one amusing:

  4. I like this site:

    It's "Dilbert" for grad students. Often, I find myself laughing out loud because some of the strips describe what happened to me.

  5. The jaded senior meme has some very good specimens, too.

  6. Confession: on the freshman memes page, I am the professor who thought it was time to wrap up, when we still had 30 minutes to go. We have 80-minute classes, so they appear to start and end at random as the day goes on. Am I the only one who does this?

  7. Thanks for including CronkNews on your funny list!