Sunday, February 9, 2014

A few of our favorite things

Blogger lets us do is set up an AWC blog profile.  Here are some things it wants to know:

  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Introduction
  • Favorite movies
  • Favorite music
  • Favorite books
My first thought was, who the hell has time to think of all that stuff?  That's where you get involved, my dear readers.  You suggest the entries in the comments and I'll put in our blog profile.  I promise to add as many of your suggestions as I can fit. 

Don't worry, it's not like it's a dating profile.

Unless you want it to be a dating profile.  You've got my email, that's all I'm sayin'.


  1. Occupation: underpaid & under-appreciated caretaker of other people's adult children.
    Interests: eradicating snowflakery
    Introduction: Have you ever thought about how in today's society, we have been contemplating this since the dawn of time?
    Favorite Movies: "Misery"
    Favorite Music: Anything by Cal!
    Favorite Books: ones with big words.

  2. Well, occupation is probably c. 90% "professor" (though of widely varying ranks, disciplines, employment statuses, etc.), but apparently we also moonlight as high school teachers, administrators, student services professionals, grad (and undergrad) students, and Ph.Ds/A.B.D.s who have escaped the academy for possibly-greener pastures.

    I gather from the RGMail that we're supposed to like cats, and I do, so maybe that's an interest. I'm pretty sure there are also some dog fans in the bunch. And we seem to be quite obsessed with rodents of various sorts. Also one particular duck, and some llamas (now of late, lamented memory, unless there's still some stew in the freezer).

    I'm movie-illiterate (not uninterested, just somehow never got into the habit of keeping up with developments), so I'll leave that to someone else to fill out.

    As for books, I used to read them, and I still cohabit with large piles of them, but lately I seem to read nothing but student papers (and the internet).

    And we all have Cal's complete oeuvre on our ipods/smartphones (or, in my case, would, if I/we'd ever gotten around to buying an ipod/smartphone).

    1. Cynic and I were writing at the same time; her answers are better than mine (well, except for the one we agree on: music).

    2. Nah--yours are thoughtful and complete! Mine were just frivolous. :)

  3. Based on the mail Ben has been getting - movie: "Do the right thing"

  4. Occupation: a lot of time I occupy myself counting buzzwords during insufferable meetings, but sometimes I occupy the northernmost room on the 7th floor of Donorbux Hall. The graffiti are better in the 3rd stall.

    Interests: you mean like hobbies? Who has time for that?

    Introduction: "Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!"

    Favorite movies: independent dark comedies.

    Favorite music: you don't have enough bandwidth for this one.

    Favorite books: the kind printed on paper.

  5. Favorite movie: Monsters University. I want a Masters in Scaring.

  6. So many good choices for music! Start with the obvious - "Another Brick in the Wall", "Hot for Teacher", etc.

  7. Fav movies:
    Bad Teacher
    The Faculty

  8. Song: Don't stand so close to me